ESG Consulting

SCS Consulting helps you seamlessly establish and manage comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs, enabling you to effectively communicate your ESG efforts with stakeholders.

Comprehensive Guidance for Robust ESG Programs

Appealing to the requests of prospective investors with a robust ESG reporting program is one of the most reliable ways to propel your climate and social initiatives forward. As a trusted partner, SCS understands the complex ESG landscape, the necessary infrastructure to implement ESG programs, and how to properly report ESG activity. Whether it’s helping you establish an initial strategy, advising you on how to answer questions for investors, or improving your score on an ESG ranking platform, our expert consultants have the industry expertise to help.

How SCS Helps with Your ESG Program

SCS Consulting leads your approach in the evolving ESG landscape with a history of science-based expertise, allowing you to integrate and implement sound and results-driven ESG programs throughout your organization. We take care of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, by helping you with the following:

  • ESG baselines including energy, GHG, water, and waste footprints
  • ESG benchmarking against peers, competitors, and reporting systems
  • Developing an ESG Strategy
  • Reporting to established systems such as GRI, SASB, and CDP
  • Guiding score improvement for ESG Ranking platforms such as ISS, MSCI, Bloomberg ESG, and DJSI
  • Executive leadership coaching and guidance
  • Investor risk assessment

Our Process

More than ever before, the financial industry is prioritizing ESG efforts when calculating evaluations. Therefore, investors analyze a business based on its ESG program, how it ranks, who is leading these efforts, and how it is progressing toward its goals. SCS leads the process of meeting your ESG needs by leaning on its deep sustainability experience across multiple industries, involvement with ESG topics, and use of tools that streamline the process. Whether your organization is big or small, the advantages of establishing the right ESG program and strategies are invaluable. SCS Consulting helps lead the way by:

  • Understanding business and industry risk areas, operations, and stakeholders
  • Collecting baseline quantitative and qualitative data
  • Conducting a workshop with the leadership team to develop a strategic framework
  • Designing of internal data collection infrastructure
  • Evaluating existing programs and reporting
  • Guiding improvement of ESG ranking

The SCS Consulting Advantage

More nimble than the Big 4 and more experienced than pop-up ESG consultancies, SCS Consulting Services is built on more than three decades of sustainability industry excellence and an unwavering commitment to scientific rigor, credibility, and transparency.

With extensive know-how and industry insight, companies choose SCS Consulting because we’ve been there. Acting as a dependable extension of your business, we help you start from scratch or refine your existing ESG efforts. We thrive on solutions and look forward to helping advance your company’s sustainability goals.

What Is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It’s gained significant momentum over the last couple of years and investors are increasingly evaluating companies based on these factors to identify material risks and opportunities. Leading mutual funds now offer products that focus solely on ESG criteria and numerous reporting and ranking systems now exist to help investors evaluate ESG criteria.

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