Sustainability Reporting and Rating

SCS Consulting takes the headache out of your sustainability reporting process, allowing you to spend time where it counts – moving the needle on your sustainability goals.

Improve Your ESG Scores with Sustainability Reporting and Advanced ESG Solutions

Consistently improving your sustainability and ESG programs is complicated. As a dependable partner, SCS manages the behind-the-scenes work of sustainability reporting while keeping you on the frontlines of developing leading-edge climate solutions. With our deep-rooted understanding of scoring criteria and ranking systems, we offer access to templates and guidance on where to make improvements.

How SCS Helps with Your Sustainability Reporting

Leave the reporting work to SCS Consulting. In preparation for conducting your report, we will:

  • Conduct baselines including scope 1-3 inventories, energy, water, and waste footprints
  • Benchmark reporting against peers and competitors
  • Recommend a reporting strategy that fits your company's needs
  • Report to established systems such as GRI, SASB, CDP, and B-Corp
  • Provide a preliminary scoring assessment
  • Guide scoring improvement for ranking platforms such as ISS, MSCI, Bloomberg ESG, and DJSI
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative data collection assistance
  • Review and revise reporting or ranking documentation

Our Process

Each year, SCS Consultants work to understand the nuances of different reporting platforms and scoring methodologies. Working with SCS allows you to leverage our sound advice, guidance documents, and streamlined processes so you can make sound reporting decisions that will benefit your company. A typical engagement with SCS includes:

  • Understanding your current ESG, sustainability, and climate activities
  • Reviewing your current reporting and/or ranking activity
  • Assessing gaps from previous reporting and disclosures
  • Identifying areas to maximize your score
  • Collecting quantitative and qualitative data
  • Crafting responses aligned with a scoring methodology
  • Submitting responses and identifying areas for improvement

Choose SCS As Your Reporting and Ranking Partner

Nimbler than the Big 4 and more experienced than pop-up ESG consultancies, SCS Consulting Services is built on more than three decades of sustainability industry excellence and an unwavering commitment to scientific rigor, credibility, and transparency.

Companies choose SCS Consulting because we take the guesswork out of reporting your sustainability activity and streamline the process. We work in a collaborative environment with our clients, understand how to collect and report data, have comprehensive knowledge of different reporting and ranking systems, and push our clients to implement transformative and innovative sustainability solutions.

What Is Sustainability Reporting?

Over the past couple of decades, companies have internalized the practice of reporting their environmental and social performance to both internal and external stakeholders. It’s a practice that is more than just a report of data. It serves as a valuable method to measure progress against goals and builds consumer, investor, and brand confidence in the marketplace. Numerous reporting and disclosure frameworks such as GRI, CDP, and B-Corp have developed in recent history, some of which rank a company based on performance. Recently, investors have started to evaluate companies based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance through the use of ESG rating agencies to make investment decisions, gauge risk, and vote on board positions.

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