Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification

Certification of Sustainable Fisheries

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Assure buyers, retailers and general consumers that your wild-capture fishery conforms to internationally recognized standards for environmental sustainability with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. SCS Global Services brings over ten years of successful certification experience to the assessment of your marine or fresh water fishery operation.

Our MSC certifications are thorough and competently executed so that your certification stands up to stakeholder, scientific and industry scrutiny. We have successfully certified operations ranging from large commercial fisheries to small community-based operations - more than two million metric tons of fish and shellfish worldwide, from Alaska to Antarctica.

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Eligible Wild-Capture Fisheries

Any freshwater or marine fishery - regardless of size, scale, ecology, or geography - can seek certification. Eligible wild-capture fisheries include, but are not limited to:

  • Single species and multiple species
  • Trawl, longline, handraked and pots
  • Freshwater and marine
  • Inshore and offshore
  • Pelagic and demersal

Eligible applicants include individuals, organizations, companies, government agencies, industry associations and local management authorities. The MSC has a program specifically designed to facilitate the participation of developing countries in certification.

Certification Criteria

Fisheries must meet or exceed the minimum standards in the following three areas:

  • Sustainability of target fish stock
  • Ecosystem integrity
  • Effective fishery management system
Complementary Services

SCS also offers the convenience of combined MSC Chain of Custody audits with HACCP inspections through our Seafood Safety auditing programs. We also provide custom services for retail clients interested in having their in-house seafood program standards validated.

Aquaculture fish farms may be certified under the Aquaculture Stewardship Council Standards.

MSC Pre-Assessments

We can conduct pre-assessments for your fishery operation in preparation for a full assessment. Pre-assessments allow clients to gauge their likely conformity to the MSC standard and identify any improvements needed. This allows clients to demonstrate their firm commitment to supplying MSC product to their buyers.

A pre-assessment includes:

  • Gap analysis of your operations against the standard
  • Publication of a report identifying any areas of improvement
MSC Full Assessments

We offer full assessments for fisheries ready to proceed through the full MSC certification process. The extent and cost of the full assessment will be contingent on the number and type of improvements identified through the pre-assessment.

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