Water Advisory Services

Technical Advisory Consulting for Sustainable Water Management

Expert Consulting for Responsible Water Practices

SCS Global Services offers customized water advisory services to support your journey in committing to water stewardship: from implementing and demonstrating achievement of site-based water stewardship goals to CDP Water Reporting. SCS is a global auditing body with 40 years of sustainability certification experience and a top certifier of water stewardship practices. 

Our offerings include: 

  • Water stewardship strategies (including water neutral and water positive goals)
  • Water risk assessments
  • Gap analysis, pre-assessment, and implementation of SCS Water Stewardship and Resiliency Certification
  • CDP Water Reporting Validation and Verification

Why Choose SCS?

Companies choose to leverage SCS’ water stewardship expertise to help navigate their water sustainability journey. As a leader for 40 years in sustainability standards, third-party verification and certification, SCS has helped thousands of companies demonstrate their sustainability efforts that contribute to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

  • FAQs

How can SCS Technical Advisory Services support my site?
SCS Technical Advisory Services are a suite of consulting services designed to fit your specific site(s) needs. Services include implementation guidance and standard support, pre-assessment auditing, gap analysis, and other specialized options.

What is a Gap Analysis and how can it support implementation? 
Gap Analysis is a tool to review current water programs and practices to identify changes and improvements that can be made to support water stewardship goals and pursue certification to the SCS Water Stewardship and Resiliency Standard. 

What is Pre-Assessment? 
Pre-Assessments are desk review audits with a site-specific scope. The assessment is done at a reduced cost and effort, but still provides major gaps and likely non-conformities at each site that can impact implementation.

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