Recycled Content Standard for Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Certification under Annex A of the SCS Recycled Content Standard

What is the SCS-103 Recycled Content Annex A?

Recycled Content Standard for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) raises the bar for recycled content in consumer electronics products. A comprehensive addition to the SCS-103 Recycled Content Standard, this annex sets a minimum threshold for recycled content in the full product, allowing for a product-level claim. 

How Products Achieve Recycled Content Certification 

This certification is ideal for brands and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) located around the globe, that want a product-level claim to demonstrate the total percentage of recycled content used in electrical and electronic equipment products. Certificate holders can use this certification to sell products through retailers such as Amazon under the Climate Pledge Friendly program. Products that qualify under this standard range from heating and portable A/C appliances to coffee machines, gaming devices, computer and internet equipment, mobile devices and more. 

This certification brings transparency in product claims to the marketplace. Each product subcategory has a set minimum threshold for recycled materials and multiple recycled material inputs are required.

Currently Achievable Metals Recycled Content Levels in the Market

Recycled Content Materials

This will increase consumer confidence and product purchases, while also supporting the manufacturers’ efforts towards improving recycled material use. Certification also helps companies promote continuous improvement of recycled materials, as well as innovation in material recycling processes to minimize waste to landfills.

The certification process involves an audit of legal compliance, supplier verification and validation, material due diligence procedures, minimum recycled content criteria and material inputs. Once certified, companies can make a Recycled Content claim with use of the logo, proving conformance to the SCS-103 Standard with Annex A: Optional Criteria for Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Why Choose SCS?

SCS works with companies and stakeholders around the world to move the needle for sustainability. The rigor of SCS Standards and expertise of SCS auditors helps protect brands from scrutiny by ensuring credible claims. We are dedicated to supporting clients on their sustainability journey and provide a range of solutions from corporate sustainability to product sustainability and everything in between.

The Recycled Content Standard was first introduced in 1989, a response to the burgeoning interest in recycled content claims and the introduction of innovative new recycling technologies.  More than three decades later, the demand for recycled products and materials continues to grow and SCS has certified thousands of products worldwide.

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Steps to Achieve Certification

Recycled Content Steps

Achieving certification under this standard builds business value and enables you to:

  • Demonstrate the highest levels of environmental sustainability performance for product manufacturing
  • Promote innovation in material recycling processes to minimize waste to landfills
  • Stimulate increased use of recycled materials in products
  • Facilitate the continuous improvement of the functionality and performance of recycled materials
  • Support transparency in product claims to increase consumer confidence and purchases of products with higher levels of recycled content
Recycled Content table

The recycled content minimum is based on initial data provided. The minimum recycled content standard is intended to set a baseline acceptance for a product type that has regulatory standards impacting its decision on design, performance and/or electrical safety.  Recycled Content inputs are not this product’s type industry norm, so this standard provides a baseline for the product type to continuously improve upon and recognize the needs for responsible material sourcing. 

File Name Document
Recycled Content Certification for Electrical & Electronic Equipment Brochure Brochure English
SCS-103 Annex A: Supplemental Criteria for Electrical and Electronic Equipment V1.1 English

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